A lot of disinformation about Cryptocurrency — Per Svitlana Volkova

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Svitlana Volkova, the scientist, stated, “Cryptocurrency is an outstanding proxy program for disinformation.” He further noted that there had been a lot of disinformation about cryptocurrency.

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Tracking information about cryptocurrency is a challenge because perpetrators blend with the cloud. It is hard to come up with an algorithm which narrows down to what is real and what is false.

It is easy to know about how the information is being passed across, mainly by following cryptocurrency forums like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

Emily Saldanha and Maria Glenski recently studied several comments in cryptocurrency forums to track active discussions, volume, and people participation.

When talking about social indicators, Volkova stated, “These social signals are quite useful, and by incorporating them with the machine and deep learning, we intend to build predictive models that hit on causal relationships between different variables so we can explain model decision-making processes.”

Volkova stated that the team was able to predict with a fair amount of accuracy, the working models for the pump and dumps schemes in the cryptocurrency industry.

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The models thus derived will be used to predict how disinformation is spent across social media. While Mitigation is harder, Volkova stated, “We have the models right now that can detect disinformation and can say, ‘OK, look, this is not true, this is false or misleading.’

The forums discuss the dense cluster of support lines, including simple moving average, Bollinger Band, SMS, Fibonacci, and more.

Comprehensive and accurate research study concerning the global cryptocurrency market digs into the finer details of market dynamics, market segmentation, regional advancement, competition, and more.

The overall cryptocurrency market outlook is determined by primary and secondary analysis in combination with expert panel analysis. Authenticating and reinforcing secondary research findings is done by considering primary interviews providing with details of market trends, competitive landscape, market size, outlook, and growth trends.

Indices and crypto data like regulatory assessment, legal, geography, company quality, trade surveillance, data provision, and market quality are taken into consideration. Top performers are reported after taking into consideration all of these parameters.

New research from Crypto compare states, “Only 5.6% of total trading volume happens on licensed exchanges, and 7% of volume on exchanges registered as MSB.”

It has also been noted that cryptocurrency companies, which are located in regulated jurisdictions, tend to perform better. There are yet other companies who are making use of wash trading and different kinds of trading strategies.

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