Bitcoin is a Piece of Future per Cameron — Winklevoss Twins

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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Olympic Athletes and identical twins known as Winklevoss twins in the spotlight due to their successful investment in Bitcoin. They have now converted their $65 million Facebook settlement into several hundred million dollars.

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Cameron stated, “If you believe that Bitcoin is the beginning of the internet of money, you can buy a piece of it. Anybody in the world can. And there are tons of people who have made a lot buying a piece of that future.”

Getting an average person to consider cryptocurrency is probably related to affordability and usability. TCAT tokens and several other Altcoins fulfill these criteria.

There are indeed people who have made huge profits and yet others who have lost a nearly equal amount.

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Ben Mezrich, author of “The Social Network” recently stated “They’re wealthy, they’re Greek gods essentially. They’ve got everything anyone could think one would need. Why don’t they row off into the sunset?” He further added that the “Winklevii”did have everything which one might want ranging from Pretty girls, invitations to all the best parties and private planes.

Mezrich opines that Bitcoin is all slippery and incomprehensible. He wonders why the twins who were educated at Harvard and Oxford, being Olympic athletes gamble it all in cryptocurrency.

He further stated it was because “They Go out to Silicon Valley to become venture capitalists, and nobody wants their money ’cause everyone’s end game is to sell your company to Facebook.” He added that since Mark Zuckerberg hates Winklevoss twins too much that it becomes an impossibility.

“So, they head to Ibiza — as one does, right? — and someone walks up to them and pitches the idea of bitcoin.”

Eventually, Mezrich states somebody will walk in and explain how money can be sent as simple as an e-mail. All of these happen without a banker or the President. And everything will be based on Math. It is about trusting the code and buying 1% of all the Bitcoin in the world, which is a big decision.

Cameron stated some people would dive in like they would off a diving board. Those were times when the price of Bitcoin was in single digits, but today diving in to buy $9,000 a coin.

Tyler stated, “While the current thesis holds that Bitcoin might disrupt gold and if gold has a market cap of $7 trillion, Bitcoin will be worth $7 trillion or more.”

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