Creating The World’s First Interference-free Communication System

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Here’s the deal, everything that you put online is not private anymore. Even the corporate intranets and VPN networks that should be private are not safe. If someone skilled enough wants to acquire your information they can do so with ease and not much digging around.

With the help of blockchain technology, however, this can change as developers can finally create an exchange of digital assets that is entirely anonymous and free of any interferences.

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P2PS: The first peer-to-peer, secure communication platform!
Internet users finally have a communication outlet they can trust as P2PS is the world’s first blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform where everyone can exchange data like banking information, medical records and other classified data that one would like to relay over the Internet.

The initial idea was penned back in 2010 at Innovative Solutions International Inc. that developed the Push System.Since then, the concept went through multiple iterations to ensure the scalability and the sustainability of the project. Having a trustless network where you can relay private or sensitive information is an achievement in today’s digital market as there are presently no other competitors available.

There were other attempts to create such a platform, but without any hacker-proof system set in place, no one would risk relaying sensitive information due to the extreme risks that this action would pose. With the help of blockchain technology, however, the security solution for this issue is solved; and P2PSwants to take full advantage of it.

To make the platform work sustainably, users will have to purchase P2PS tokens, the network’s cryptocurrency. Here are the main advantages of it:

  • Growing the economic relevance of the platform and the development of faster processing times that will streamline any financial transactions conducted on the distributed ledger.
  • Auto-scaling architecture that increases at the same time with the transaction volume of the ecosystem. As more vendors decide to use the P2PS platform, the value of the P2PS tokens will also rise, presenting an exciting investment opportunity for the token holders.
  • Contribute to the new economy of tokens and the revolution of value that comes with the blockchain technology. P2PS is the utility token required to operate on the tamper-proof communication ecosystem.
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The token DNA and metrics

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the P2PS token is based on the ERC20 architecture; this allows it to leverage the full benefits of the Smart Contracts module. Should you decide to support the project, you can do so by purchasing tokens during this round of their ICO phase that runs until the 31st of August 2018. The currently accepted currencies are ETH, BTC, BCH and LTC. The team is looking to raise 50 million USD equivalentas hard cap.

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