Hello and greetings dear community, how are you?

This post is in continuation of our post of July 31, 2020. That is the ground reality and the truth is also that some seemingly credible companies/folks have indeed received our newly issued tokens/coins but either not provided the services as agreed or just entered several dozens of duplicate accounts to receive a large number of our tokens/coins, some of which were evidently “dumped”.

There is absolutely no one who actually bought our tokens/coins that has faced any challenges in transferring or selling on any exchange. That includes VinDAX that is also yet to settle a large number of tokens that they have illegally and unlawfully held back after our buy back. Due to such illegal and unlawful activities against us, and our community members, our admin support team (independent of the core project team) had to take measures that include a forensic audit in the best interest of all our community members.

One of the reasons for delays in listing on larger exchanges is some team members of the exchanges trying to sell us (and to our community members) back the tokens transferred into the exchanges or that were bought back by our team in our efforts to support our token’s price. These activities have been reported from the seemingly credible larger exchanges too.

Rest assured, the FUD is created by only those that have illicitly acquired our tokens/coins. Hope this clarifies some important points that you may have on your minds when you read baseless allegations from few of the faceless that are trying hard to bring down the price of our tokens/coins, probably to acquire them at lower prices.

Thank you again for all your patience, support and understanding.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and have a wonderful year ahead.


Team P2PS.



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