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With the growing popularity of the initial coin offerings (ICO) as a way to get funds for a startup has led to the increase in number of ICO projects in the market. Evidently along with the increase in the number of ICO projects, the number of cases of fraud ICOs have also increased. It is quite easy to get confused while choosing an ICO in the market when thousands of options are there. Easing this process, ICODaddy has introduced a platform for ICOs where the ICOs that are worth your money are listed. Where it is designed to help the investors screen through the ICOs available in the market. In the time where the fraud ICOs are becoming more smart and trickier, there it has become very crucial for investors to be more serious with their investment.

The team at ICODaddy has worked out a brilliant screening process for the ICOs to help detect the fraud ones. There are many tricks that the team has detected that are usually used by the fraud ICOs to fool the investors. Below are some of the tricks that are used by fraudulent ICOs to bag money in their pockets.

- They tend to hire the real agencies so that they can appear to be legitimate.
- They usually invite the well-known and reputed ICO, blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to announce their credibility.
- These fraud ICOs also use real people to list as their team members that have nothing to do with the project.
- Having non-existing media companies listed as their partners.
- Putting the names of listing sites on their web page as their media partners.

These are some tricks that are used by the fraudulent ICOs to get attention. This is the reason why it has become important that investors rule out all the doubtful ICOs from their list. This is the reason why ICODaddy has a crucial and tough screening process for the ICOs. We have specific points to note before we list an ICO on the website. With ICODaddy investors have nothing to worry about and that is the reason why everyday we receive thousands of requests from various ICOs. The unique screening process has led to ICODaddy becoming one of the secure and vital platform for investors to trust.

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