Keep Calm and Work Hard: The Story of Binance’s CEO From A to CZ

Keep everything simple and work hard

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

“There’s got to be a few recently, actually [with enthusiasm] I can’t remember what they are, but there’s got to be a couple of first times [starts thinking deeply] recently. [long pause] I actually can’t remember that much, to be honest.”

“I was actually hoping there would be a better face, to be honest. I don’t think I’m a very good public speaker. There are also much better-looking people. But unfortunately, for Binance, it’s me. So Binance is kind of stuck with me for now.”

Keep calm and go all-in on Bitcoin

You seem such a calm person. Do you meditate, or were you born like this?

“I don’t meditate that much. I tried it. I find it a little bit boring, to be honest. I don’t need it. I’m already very calm. I have a low heart rate. My resting heart rate is like 50-something. In Binance, I’ve never shouted. I’ve never yelled at anybody. I’ve never sort of become really sort of agitated. I’m always a very calm person.”

Keep coding and get an MBA

“I tell other people that now I have a memory of a goldfish, like I can’t remember anything longer than seven seconds.”

Keep being number one and go forward

If you could clone yourself, what would you like that clone to do?

“I would love the clone to do other work [laughing]. I’d make a lot of clones to do a lot of work. We can do like ten different interviews at the same time.”

Keep cool, we are living in a simulation

“I believe it’s 99,99999 % we’re living in a simulation. So mathematically it is basically 100 percent.”

Rapid fire questions for CZ



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