Long Story of Some Unscrupulous People Scamming our Project and Resorting To Blackmailing.

Hello and greetings dear community,

How are you?

Its a long story of some unscrupulous people scamming our project in different ways; and the scammers that cornered our tokens unethically, trying to create FUD and blackmail us. Heres a summary.

Firstly, our listing and trading debut of 25 Dec 2019 was on the 3rd biggest exchange ranked by CoinMarketCap (CMC) of that time. We were trading strongly until one day, in the pretext of a hack, the VinDax exchange stole our (and our community members) tokens, and 10 other projects tokens. That kick started the audit which discovered 100’s of fake accounts submitted by seemingly credible bounty hunters/participants. Until now we are dealing with the scammers, few of whom have currently started posting FUD in an attempt to defame our project and also started blackmailing us. While we work hard to get things done in the quickest time possible, we have observed that none of those bounty hunters have ever bothered to congratulate our project on the various successes we have achieved so far; but from time to time have taken every opportunity available to try defaming our project for satisfying their childish egos and/or for their selfish gains.

Secondly, the question that begs asking is why should our project, or for that matter any project, pay anyone for maligning the good image of a legitimate company or for defaming and/or belittling the teams and its genuine supporters efforts in achieving greater accolades or scaling successful heights, while the hunters get busy threatening the admin team members of dire consequences? To add salt to our wounds, the bounty manager and the principles of the Bounty0x platform we earlier engaged with, continue to either misguide or lie to their hunters stating that our team members do not respond to them while they write to us that they don’t care about our project and that we and our community members were scammed. Make no mistake, we shall not succumb to them; and shall fight tooth and nail every scammer that crosses our path.

Although all our bounties are outsourced or prepaid and we do not have any obligation of responding to any bounty hunters individually or to any of their baseless allegations, our team members spend valuable time and resources in responding to everyones queries in an attempt to educate them all and make them understand the hurdles we face. This far it has proved futile. Our admins respond to everyone in the order in which the queries are received. Sometimes we are forced to jump the line and respond to seemingly desperate individuals who fail to understand the basic workings of business entities and the allocation of huge resources in catering to them, their whims and fancies individually. We would certainly need the support of every understanding individual and genuine members of our community to help us during this struggle that has delayed few things due to the numerous hours our admin team members have to put into responding to all such queries.

In addition to that, the audit discovered that the links to our articles and mentions were removed although we paid for them.

Therefore, until the audit is complete all such accounts are considered disqualified and on a case by case basis shall be opened for trade in due course of time.

Meanwhile, many of the scammers that cornered our tokens are using scam allegations in various social media against our hard working team. That is very troubling, stressful and traumatic for our project, our team and our community members. We the admin and support team are in the process of tabling our report to the core team to refund all the ICO public sale buyers in order to disqualify all the bounties and distribution. One of the reasons is because the ICO public sale buyers have neither come out in our defence nor have voiced out their support to our project in the social media in response to the baseless scam allegations. Therefore, we have already started pushing hard for 100% refunds to the ICO public sale buyers.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the genuine buyers and appeal to everyone involved to understand the situation in an unbiased way, to support our project brought to you by educationists of very high denominations and highly credible members of the global community. If you are one of those affected kindly reach out to our team on Telegram @p2psf or send an email to any of the emails listed on our website www.p2psf.org and rest assured all queries will receive a response based on the order in which they are received.

We reiterate that our zero debt company and our project, that has been fully funded to completion out of our founders pocket prior to ICO, is a decade long endeavor that has several use cases as described on our website and various media.

Therefore, please continue to spread the good word about our project for the greater good of humanity, while we deal with the scammers and blackmailers with a firm hand.

Thanking you again,

Best regards,

Team P2PS,



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