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Perhaps the biggest problem of all, however, is confidentiality. With so much of our personal information, passwords, accounts and conversations on the Internet, having the highest security is incredibly important. If these types of confidential information are released or discovered, it can ruin people’s lives or make it very annoying.

Although most of us use passwords or other means of protecting our personal information and communication, this is not always enough. When you send files or conversations to others, you want them to remain completely closed. There are several examples of people’s accounts being hacked and even huge companies have become victims of hacking and breaking data of all kinds; so maintaining confidentiality is not so easy.

As technology continues to evolve and become a major part of our lives, the confidentiality of the information we transmit or use with technology is very important. One of the companies that strives to provide a solution to this problem with confidentiality is the P2P Solutions Foundation. The P2P- Solutions Foundation (or P2PSF, for short) is a company with the goal of creating a system for individuals to exchange confidential and digital assets with others that will not have any third-party intervention at all.

This is the first blockbuster platform in history, safe and interference free communication, which can change the game when it comes to how we communicate on the Internet. It is designed for those who need to store or exchange data, such as medical records, bank data and other personal or confidential information, and do not feel confident doing it with conventional methods.

The fact that this Platform will be on the blockchain means that it is completely decentralized. This is great for users, as it ensures that no third-party administrator will interfere (or see) confidential information or files that you share. Today, such platforms do not exist, and almost everyone can find the reason why they could use this technology to ensure the security of their information. Even other companies and / or businesses may be interested in this. Companies send, share and receive millions of pieces of private and confidential information, so they could definitely benefit from such a service to ensure that no huge data breaches will occur.

Now that you know everything about the company and many wonderful things that it hopes to do for millions of people, let’s look at how you can participate in the company and their mission to make sharing files and conversations more private and safe than ever before.

In order to participate in the P2P platform, you must be the owner of the P2PS crypto-token. This token will help in the transactions executed on the platform, and will help to keep the information you provide, as safe as possible for the person. Tokens are also easily transferred, so you do not need to worry that it will take forever to make transactions or to send / sell tokens to others. Currently, P2PSF is in the middle of their ICO, which began on December 15, 2017. The first stage ends on February 28, 2018, but the subsequent stages will continue until sufficient funds are collected, so there is no way to know when it will end.

It is very important to remember that these tokens are not investments in the company, but a token with a utility on the platform, which will also help to develop the P2P ecosystem. As for where the money collected during the sale of tokens will go, they will go for such things as development, marketing, team expansion and much more. Speaking about the team, please visit the website to consider the people associated with the platform and the company.


When: ICO Apr 02.2018-May.31.2018


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