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Website: https://www.p2psf.org/ (https://www.p2psf.org/)

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FK00U0bfzHmFy0XODee9vg


Investment risk: low

What: A platform that helps protect everything that you send or store

digitally from any third-party intervention.

When: ICO Apr 02.2018 — May.31.2018

about the project

P2P solutions foundation is an independent body whose mission is the

creation of a worldwide network of digital services. The basic idea is to

make all the data (both personal and corporate) stored and transmitted

digitally, 100 percent safe from any third-party intervention.


The idea of the project arose in 2010. After many years, The Push System

was created as a response to the needs of the market. This is a highspeed

digital packet data system on secure peer-to-peer P2P networks.

Two companies ISI and ELI (Electronic Learning INC and Innovative

Solutions International INC) were the pioneers of P2P platforms, and now

will be the first to implement payments exclusively with P2PS tokens. And

their existing customers will be the starting resource for the development of

the project.

Potential market for technology use in 49 countries

SOM (Serviced market) 770 million customers

SAM (Serviced Affordable Market) 1.15 billion customers

TAM (Total Affordable Market) 1.5 billion customers


P2PS technology is better than traditional ones, which are used by such

companies as Dropbox, Alibabacoud, Google disk, onedrive, etc.

* Decentralization (there is no way to crack information, it is not stored in

one place)

• Usage fee will be lower

• It is an independent resource, so that no company or government can

abuse it

• Your data is always online


  • Will be the main calculating resource on the platform
  • Service sellers will buy tokens to use a secure platform
  • Replace the license fee on various peer-to-peer e-commerce networks


  • Tokens: P2PS
  • Softcap: achieved / work in progress
  • HardCap: 136000ETH
  • Price: (250 P2PS = 0.06BTC = 1ETH = 6LTC)
  • Minimal purchase: 50P2PS
  • Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH

Interesting Facts

  • Among the advisors, David Drake (one of the most important people in the field of blockbuster)
  • The P2PS token will begin to work with the finished client base in North America, Europe and Australia, as well as in the Middle East (due to ISI and ELI)
  • P2PS tokens will be placed on Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinone, Yobit, Liqui, Waves DEX, EtherDelta and Cryptopia, as well as among other wellknown crypto-exchanges

Conclusion: We look forward to the impact this project will have on the high potential for security.

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