P2P Solutions Foundation — Exchange Data Privately

The P2P Solution Foundation is an independent and authorized platform to create a global network of digital services encompassing a unique working model of peer-to-peer networks. It acts as a gateway to all your transactions on a decentralized blockchain used in digital education, government and defense, medical and pharmacy, banking and finance, and other corporate sectors.

The goal

The purpose of the P2PS ICO is to develop a system through which users can exchange confidential files and digital assets with no interference from third-parties or an administrative body. P2PS is the first blockchain powered, safe, peer-to-peer, and third-party free digital transaction platform designed for users to safely store and exchange digital data like medical records, government sector data, finance data, and other digital exchanges.

The P2PS crypto-tokens

The P2PS crypto token is specially made to use by the members who are a part of the P2PSF platform. Its design envisages to use it for the transactions in the secure, de-centralized, third-party free platforms for education, medical sector, banking, finance, and various other vital sectors.

The P2PS token is an ERC20 crypto token system developed to function on Ethereum blockchain. As it is in the Ethereum platform, the token can easily transfer from users to platforms using ERC20 compatible wallets and can integrate with exchanges. Users can procure the P2PS tokens directly during the ICO sale from P2P Solutions.

Once you acquire P2PS token, you can deposit it into an ERC20 wallet like Parity, MyEtherWallet, Meta Mask, etc. One major reason to purchase and hold the token is to use in the peer-to-peer digital network platforms other than trading on crypto-exchanges.

P2PS is conducting their Initial Coin Offering of utility coins for all those who would like to be part of the project. The users who participate in the ICO can gain long-term returns of around 300% and get a chance to be a part of the digital revolution of the future.

Features of P2PS tokens

The P2PS token as said earlier is a utility token designed to facilitate services like license free payments on the P2PS platform. By participating in the token sale, users can obtain the rights to use the platform.

P2PS token does not have a legal qualification and is non-refundable. Outside the platform it doesn’t have any usage and owing the token doesn’t give users any right to participate in general meetings of the P2PS foundation. Users can purchase P2PS token during the crowd sale and, after the crowd sale, from exchanges or at the foundation itself. A user buying the token acknowledges and represents that they have carefully read through the terms and conditions. They also need to understand the costs, benefits, usage rights, and risk associated with the purchase and ownership of P2PS tokens.

The foundation is the operative body managing the platform and P2PS is just a utility token of the platform. As the foundation is not a financial third-party, it doesn’t need to have any authorization documents for anti-money laundering purposes.

Risks involved

Acquiring P2P solutions token consists of some risk and the major part is that the platform may not be able to develop itself and launch its operations due to any SEC enforcement against ICO. Hence, P2PS foundation itself advises its users to be aware of the core risks involved with the token purchase and get some advice before participating in the crowd sale.

The risk is not limited to the non-development of the platforms, there are several other risks associated with the platform, and some of them are listed out in their terms and conditions.

The foundation

The foundation that developed the P2PS token is an independent body governed by the authorized foundation council. It has obtained the authorization to create a worldwide network of services that can replace transaction fees paid by end users and service providers when carrying out similar functions in e-commerce platforms.

The P2PS digital token is necessary to use the push system protocol developed by Innovative Solutions International (ISI), which is a research and development corporation in the USA. The push system protocol is a speedy digital data package and transfer system that works on safe peer-to-peer networks. You can use P2PS tokens in all the transactions you carry out on a decentralized and secure peer-to-peer digital system used in the different government sectors.

The ISI group and Electronic Learning (ELI) are the current clients of P2P foundations among others, and they both cater to the finance, banking, and education systems. As of now, both ISI and ELI incur a decent license fee for each user per year on their digital platforms. In the future, as the P2PS token will replace their current license, there will be many advantages to their licenses models as they migrate to blockchain technology.

The migration to blockchain technology not only reduces the third party fee, but it will also add some significant security features to their licensing models.

P2PS token sale

During the presale and ICO stages of P2PS, users will be able to grab the token with some bonus. Bonuses are offered in such a way that there will be a reward for early participants. The fund obtained from the contributions of investors through the token sale will be used for the development of the P2PS platform and the token.


P2PSF is the first ever blockchain backed digital communication platform for peer-to-peer, mediator free transactions for everyone. They have their own utility coin built on a solid foundation based on already proven business practices and fundamentals. The P2PS crypto token is a part of the settlement layer and functions as a new economic system built on a general Ethereum network where users interact with each other.

P2PS token buyers are the future users of the platform, and we advise you to carefully study the terms and conditions before participating in the crowd sale. The terms and condition are subjected to change periodically with prior notice from the foundation. The P2PS foundation is a new and hope-giving blockchain technology if executed correctly and, with the right support, can grow to new heights.

Source: https://friendlycrypto.com/p2p-solutions-foundation-exchange-data-privately/


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