P2P Solutions Foundation Is Helping Create the Safest and Most Private Peer-to-Peer Communication Platform Ever

P2P Solutions Foundation
4 min readApr 8, 2018


ICO Review

There is no getting around it, most of our lives contain a ton of technology. When it comes to the vast amount of different technologies we use in our lives, there are many great things they help us do. However, there are also some issues with us using so much technology.

Perhaps the biggest issue of all, however, is privacy. With so much of our personal information, passwords, account details and conversations being online, having the highest security is incredibly important. If these types of sensitive information are released or discovered, it could ruin people’s lives or make it very annoying to deal with.

While most of us use passwords or other means of protecting our private information and communication, those aren’t always enough. When you send files or conversations to others, you want them to remain completely private. There are several examples of people getting accounts hacked and even huge companies have fallen victim to hacks and data breaches of all kind, so maintaining privacy isn’t easy.

As technology continues to evolve and become a bigger part of our lives, the privacy of the information we share or use along with the technology is very important. One company that is looking to provide a solution to this problem with privacy is P2P Solutions Foundation. P2P Solutions Foundation (or P2PSF, for short) is a company with the goal of creating a system for individuals to exchange confidential and digital assets with others that will have no third party interference at all.

They are the first ever blockchain-based, secure and interference free communication platform, which could change the game when it comes to how we communicate online. It is designed for anyone who needs to store or exchange data such as medical records, banking data and other private or sensitive information, and don’t feel confident doing so using conventional methods.

The fact that this platform will be on the blockchain means it is completely decentralized. This is great for users as it ensures that no third-party administrator will interfere with (or see) the sensitive information or files you are sharing. No platforms like this exist today, and nearly everyone could likely find a reason why they could or might use this technology to ensure their information is safe. Even other companies and/or businesses might become interested in this. Companies send, share and receive millions of pieces of private and sensitive information, so they could definitely benefit from a service like this, to ensure no huge data breaches take place.

Now that you know all about the company and the many great things it is hoping to do for millions of people, let’s look closer at how you can get involved with the company and their mission to make file sharing and conversations more private and safe than ever before.

In order to participate in the P2P platform, you need to be an owner of the P2PS crypto-token. This token will assist in the transactions made in the platform and help keep the information you share as safe as humanly possible. The tokens are also easily transferable so you don’t have to worry about it taking forever to make transactions or send/sell tokens to others. Currently, P2PSF is in the middle of their ICO, which began on December 15th 2017. The first phase will end on February 28th 2018, but subsequent phases will continue to run as long as enough funds have been raised, so there is no way to know when it will end.

It is quite important to remember that these tokens aren’t an investment in a company, but a token with utility on the platform that will also help grow the P2P ecosystem. As for where the money raised during the token sale will go, it will go to things like development, marketing, team expansion and more. Speaking about the team, let’s now take a closer look at the individuals involved with the platform and company.

The team is led by CEO Jameel A. Shariff, who is a serial entrepreneur and has founded numerous successful companies throughout his career. The COO of the company is Dr. Waleed Aloriny, who has not only a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in computer science, but also a PhD in Systems Engineering, so he is a perfect fit for this company.

Under Shariff and Aloriny, the team features several educated and qualified experts in a number of diverse industries and backgrounds such as engineering, business development, project management and more. P2PSF also has an extremely impressive advisory board that is complete with blockchain specialists and investors with several high profile partnerships.

In conclusion, P2PFS could change the game when it comes to safe communication and file transfer. Most platforms or apps that people use simply lack the privacy that P2PFS will have. You shouldn’t be willing to compromise the security of your files or conversations, and the P2PFS platform is making it so you don’t have to.



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