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P2PS (P2P Solutions) is an Ethereum (Ethereum) crypto-token that complies with and encompasses ERC20 which is the de facto standard and popular token platform for digital asset tokens on the secure Blockchain. It is a gateway to various transactions on the decentralized, secure and interference free, Peer-to-Peer Communication System platforms used in Government & Defense, Digital Education & Delivery, Medical & Pharma, Banking & Finance, and other corporate sectors. It replaces the traditional license and transaction fees paid by both service providers as well as end users on various peer-to-peer networks e-commerce platforms. The P2PS crypto-token was developed by the P2P Solutions Foundation team. The Foundation is an independent body governed by the Foundation Council.

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P2P Solutions Clients

Currently and in the immediate term, the usage for P2PS tokens would extend beyond the North American continent to the Middle East, providing a Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of about 110 million users from the 220 million potential users which constitute the Total Available Market (TAM) size (The World Factbook). The current clients of P2P Solutions Foundation, among others, are Electronic Leaning Inc. (ELI), (Electronic Learning Inc.), a pioneer in eLearning solutions and the ISI group consortium. Since both ELI and ISI Group caters to education, the Government & Defense, Banking & Finance market segments, the P2PS token has immediate acceptability with a ready client base in North America, Europe and Australia as well as the Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, both ELI and ISI group are headed for diversification into other global markets such as Europe, South America, China, etc. providing P2PS tokens a wider market penetration.

Looking back over the last century, you cannot miss noticing the consistency with which communication technologies have evolved and rapidly advanced. The invention and advent of each one of the new communication technologies, starting from telegraph, telephone and to the present day wireless internet, witnessed every innovation bringing commercially viable opportunities to the world; thereby making life easier than before for anyone willing to move forward in embracing the innovative solutions.

On the one hand, internet users seem to desire a completely different method of exchanging large sized information and peer to peer transactions are favored while conducting their day to day business activities in order to safeguard the basic principles of secure information exchange; leading to an economy that would eventually prolong innovation within the technology sector.

On the other hand, ISI has been closely observing the growing trends and momentum of decentralized technologies like Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Ethereum (Ethereum), Litecoin (Litecoin), etc. Currently, we have an opportunity to witness the next evolutionary leap: the integration of economic value into secure communication systems.

P2P Solutions Foundation endeavors to take advantage of the benefits offered by the robust Blockchain technologies (Blockchain, the next big thing). Decentralization offers a favorable way forward to further leverage P2P Solutions.

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P2PS Vision

P2P Solutions Foundation, in collaboration with ELI and ISI, endeavors to attain the individual and collective goals by:

  • Cultivating partnership relationships with all stakeholders and clients, instead of being mere supplier or service provider;
  • Motivating team members through incentives and reward programs, in addition to treating them as partners thereby bringing out the best in them, resulting in maintaining service excellence;
  • Advancement of goals to enrich community and preserve the client confidentiality ecosystem.

P2PS Mission

P2P Solutions Foundation enjoys a shared mission with ELI and ISI of being committed to effectively and consistently deliver world class, high quality, outstanding products, applications and services to its client’s at the most cost effective and reasonable price. Together, we anticipate meeting customer expectations by understanding client requirements, keeping pace with latest innovations through research and by engaging in sustainable best practices.

P2PS shall grow from strength to strength thereby building a useful and valuable tool that shall challenge the status quo and usher in significant changes to the global community, and beyond the Government & Defense, Digital Education & Delivery, Medical & Pharma, Banking & Finance, etc.

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P2P Solutions Foundation Structure

The Settlement Layer
The decentralized settlement layer for P2PS tokens is the general public Ethereum network on which the users interact in order to transact. However, end users will be able to simply use the respective applications to send or receive P2PS tokens from within the ELI or ISI systems. In due course of time, as Blockchain technologies continue their growth trajectory, P2PS ecosystem shall also continue to develop.

Adequate resources shall eventually be allocated by the P2P Solutions Foundation that would help establish a governing council, using appropriate human capital, to establish transparent governance system that would govern the foundation in a fair manner taking into consideration feedback provided by all participants and stakeholders of the P2PS ecosystem. The governing council would be responsible to administer compliance and legal guidelines, the rules of membership and participation and the P2PS Rewards Engine.

The Rewards System
The P2PS Rewards would be administered initially by the P2P Solutions Foundation. Nevertheless, it will soon have to become decentralized and would be built on technology used by Ethereum’s smart contract. With a focus on integrating various applications and digital services into the decentralized P2PS ecosystem, the P2PS Rewards shall use economic incentives.

Research and Development
Research and Development shall continue with a portion of resources being allocated towards the continued development of innovative solutions. Initiatives that help create environments of partnership with various developers would foster an equitable ecosystem that paves the way for trying out fresh methods that foster participation in the crypto ecosystem; thereby generating better value for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Development Goals
From time to time, numerous resources would be needed to enhance the abilities of partners desiring value creation for each other through development and growth. Such developmental initiatives would be funded by the P2P Solutions Foundation. The P2P Solutions Foundation shall advance these initiatives through direct engagement of technical teams that would to develop and continue to improve the technologies that directly and indirectly support the P2PS ecosystem. Nevertheless, decentralization shall continue to be the norm since it is advantageous to all participants and stakeholders within and outside of the P2PS ecosystem.


The basic technology initiatives of the P2P Solutions Foundation will focus on providing:
A) Transactions that facilitate centralized digital services utilizing P2PS at peer-to-peer platform level,
B) Decentralized service for P2PS users. A set of tools aimed at lowering the barriers to embracing and integrating with the P2PS system for all stakeholders, andC) Implementing an efficient P2PS Rewards System

C) Implementing an efficient P2PS Rewards System

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P2P Solutions Timeline From 2010

P2PS Token

The P2PS token is an ERC20 digital asset token on the secure Blockchain. It replaces the traditional license and transaction fees paid by both service providers as well as end users on various peer-to-peer networks e-commerce platforms. The P2PS token was developed by the P2P Solutions Foundation team.

One of the exciting features of the P2PS token is that it is being made mandatory for both ELI and ISI users to procure the P2PS tokens in order to access their respective system features. P2PS tokens have a high potential growth trajectory through ELI and ISI group clients business alone. Both ELI and ISI Group commands a decent annual license fee per user for their respective digital platforms.

Subsequent to the launch of the P2PS pre-sale and ICO, which shall take place on the Ethereum Network, anyone desiring to acquire the P2PS tokens can do so using the major cryptocurrencies they own via P2P Solutions Foundation website

Token Sale

During pre-sale and ICO stages, the participants will be able to acquire P2PS tokens with a bonus. As a reward to the early participants, the various types of bonuses are structured according to the day when the tokens are procured by them.

The P2PS Tokens will thereafter list on Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinone, Yobit, Liqui, Waves DEX, EtherDelta and Cryptopia among other prominent global crypto-exchanges. After acquiring the P2PS tokens, you can deposit them into an ERC20 standard token wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Meta Mask, Mist, Parity, Imtoken, etc.

P2PS tokens pre-sale starting on November 16, 2017 and during the ICO first phase starting December 15, 2017. Although the first phase shall run through Feb 28, 2018, the subsequent phases shall not be time-constrained and shall run for as long as enough funds have been raised through stages.

P2PS tokens can be acquired with BTC, BCH, ETH or LTE. Transfers can be made from any wallet with BTC, BCH, ETH or LTE. However, transfers cannot be initiated from any crypto exchange.


P2PS Site : https://www.p2psf.org/

P2PS Whitepaper : https://www.p2psf.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/P2PS_Whitepaper_V1.1_English.pdf

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