P2PS Update, and Other Exchange Listings.

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Hello again and greetings dear community members,

How are you? We like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your queries related to listings on various exchanges.

P2PS is currently listed on many exchanges along with two exchanges approved by Coinmarketcap (CMC) and Coingecko. P2PS is already listed on Coingecko but we have not yet applied for Coinmarketcap listing which our team intends to do after listing on a couple of more CMC approved exchanges. Our admin teams listing strategy has always been to start with small exchanges and subsequently after learning the ropes, move onto bigger exchanges; and we continue to learn both the positive and the negative aspects of listings.

Please visit our website www.p2spf.org and stay tuned for updates.

Kindly continue to spread the good word about our project for the greater good of humanity. We look forward to your continued support and participation. Thank you again for your valuable support to our project.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and have a great year ahead.

Best regards,
Team P2PS,

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