Top Universities From Across the World Offering Crypto Courses


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There is an increasing interest in cryptocurrency education. Several students who are not majoring in a field, take blockchain and cryptocurrency classes as an alternative as they continue to study their particular degrees.

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One of the surveys reports recently published, “twice as many students report having taken a crypto or blockchain course than they did in 2018.”

Nearly 56% of the top universities from across the world are offering one or the other kind of crypto courses.

Cornell University is offering blockchain and cryptocurrency classes like “The Anthropology of Money” and “Introduction to Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts.”

This is indicative of the growing interest among students who want to know more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Students from all disciplines are considering to take classes in this latest disruptive technology.

Cryptocurrency classes are offered as a collaboration of three disciplines like Engineering, Business, and Law.

Joseph Ferrera, a Cornell University undergraduate, stated, “There’s a ton of interest from the business school, the hotel management school, the medical school, even the agriculture school.”

Several professors are reaching out to learn more about blockchain to understand how it might apply to their fields. With increasing numbers of cryptocurrency graduates, whether it be Ethereum’s, Stellar Lumens or TCAT tokens, there is hope that these Alts will be around serving one purpose or the other.

Several Altcoins, which have been forgotten are re-emerging. The new market activity is indicative of something new to be happening in the cryptocurrency market space. This was possible due to the small dip in the BTC dominance.

Altcoin pet projects have not stopped, and several newer ones are coming by each day. Nascent project investors, according to a publisher are like, “If this even hits one dollar, I’m gonna be rich!”

It was thought that Altcoins would never come back, but Alts are gaining traction. Due to increasing numbers of spams no matter how good the idea is if it is not for BTC, the tokens were not well-received. However, due to the presence of micro-economics and the demand for different kinds of customized projects, initiatives like this will continue to be around.

Several innovations in the cryptocurrency space are continuing. Which coin is a shit coin and which one is genuine will take some time? Therefore, the real distaste for Altcoins is entirely understandable; however, with improvement in cryptocurrency education use cases and related apps, things should fare better.

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