Update of P2PS Bounties on Bounty0x.

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Hello and greetings dear P2PS Community,

Thank you for your continued support.

Please note: This post is in continuation of our previous post regarding bounties on Bitcointalk forum.

We would like to bring to your notice that ALL our bounty campaigns on Bounty0x platform are pre-funded. In simple words it means that we have transferred the TOTAL number of tokens for each of the campaigns to the Bounty0x team and in excess of whats needed.

At the end of our respective campaigns the Bounty0x team members will determine the qualified participants AND distribute the P2PS tokens earned, to the approved participants/bounty hunters. We, the team members at P2P Solutions Foundations, have absolutely no control over their decisions and will abide by their final decision of which hunter is qualified to receive how may tokens, as per their rules and regulations.

Following is a screenshot of ALL Bounty campaigns on Bounty0x being pre-funded:

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Source: https://beta.bounty0x.io/host/bounties

We hope that these clarifications would rest our case and encourage the genuine participants to help us reach our hardcap in this extended bear market thats commonly known today as the crypto-winter.

Kindly continue to spread the good word about our project for the greater good of humanity. Look forward to your support and participation.

Please have a great year ahead.

Thanking you again,

Best regards,
Team P2PS,

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