Why Blockchain Values Your Privacy More Than Facebook

Avoiding Legal Identity Theft

“I believe users should have the opportunity to share their private data and be compensated for it. The data is physically stored in a decentralized storage space, protected by ECC asymmetric encryption, sharding techniques, and various anti-sybil attack methods. This guarantees that a Cambridge Analytica-like incident can’t happen on our network, while users can enjoy complete data ownership.”

How Privacy Can Be Prioritized

“By matching identity owners and data consumers directly, the costs currently charged by data aggregators such as social networks, search engine providers, and data brokers, will be omitted.”

“We are seeing a few approaches to how the personal data ecosystem could develop. What we don’t want is to trade one center of control for another. That’s why [we use] the blockchain to support a decentralized data marketplace, where consumers control their personal information and transact directly with the data buyers. Now is the time for consumers to get proactive and embrace these alternatives. Consumers own their data. They should profit from it.”

Taking the Giants to Task



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